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The mountain way of life

Learn how to live like a Savoie local in the Monts du Genevois!
It all starts with getting out in the snow. Don’t forget your jacket as we’re going snowshoeing. Admire the Geneva basin in its winter cloak from the heights of Le Salève!
Follow this with a genuine Savoie-style meal at the L’Arvi restaurant.
Want to experience life on a farm to round off the day? A visit to a cheesemakers and a night at Le Petit Mont farm are on the agenda!

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“A superb visit where you’ll learn a lot of things. Take part in a workshop: from milk to cheese with passionate and open-minded owners. An educational encounter which opens your eyes to several things.”

Comment by Sarah P in February 2020

There’s an art to being a mountain-dweller!
With the snow as a backdrop, dive into the heart of the Monts du Genevois.
Mountains, cheese and farm life – are you ready to become a Savoie local?


The temperatures are starting to fall. A blanket of white settles on the horizon.
Winter has arrived in the Monts du Genevois!
It’s the season for skiing, hot chocolate and snowshoe hikes.
Have you remembered to bring yours? No? Don’t worry, the Foyer Nordique du Salève is at hand to help you with everything you need.
Once the snowshoes are on, all you have to do is follow the guide and head for the summit!
The freshly fallen snow crunches under your feet and a gentle mist forms with every breath. You are there, in the heart of Le Salève and the surrounding countryside. You can walk along its snow-covered paths. You gain height and the air is cooler up there. A great sight is laid out before you! A winter vista takes shape right before your eyes.


You’ve been able to admire the beauty of the Savoie during your hike. Your stomach starts to rumble on the way back. Hiking is hard work. You’re getting hungry!
The walk is over. You can take off your snowshoes. You won’t be needing them anymore as you’re going to the L’Arvi mountain restaurant.
This time, you’ll be plunging into the world of the mountains via your taste buds!
It’s time to savour the local specialities. Diot, potato fritters, Alpine charcuterie or the obligatory Savoie fondue.
L’Arvi offers a 100% Savoie gourmet menu where every ingredient is produced locally!


After this gourmet experience, it’s time to return to more rural surroundings. Let’s head to Le Petit Mont farm where a surprise is waiting for you!
Rebecca is expecting you for an afternoon like no other.
First of all, let’s take a tour of the premises! You’ll explore the farm and meet the goats in particular! It’s these goats which provide the milk for the cheese.
Talking of cheese, would you like to see how the cheese is made?
Follow Rebecca to the cheese dairy and take part in making your own goat’s cheese. The milk is ready for you in the copper pot. Put some love in as you work with it and the result will be superb.
Admit it – there’s only one thing you want to do…taste it! Luckily for you, you little foodie, you can enjoy a tasting. On a platter? Of course! Mountain cheeses accompanied by a Savoie wine, naturally!
The afternoon draws to a close and you’re tired after this action-packed day. Settle all your belongings in the cabin up in the trees. A peaceful night in the forest is just what you need to recharge your batteries!


The very best of Savoie culture!




This price is for guidance only, it is the minimum price for enjoying this experience.

Winter only

The experience is available Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays by reservation.

The morning

Meet at 9.00 am to start the hike!

An easy level hike. The duration and pace of the activity may be modified depending on the weather conditions and level of the group.
For your comfort, we advise you to bring warm clothes and a bag to store your things.
You may bring your own equipment if you have some.

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