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A responsible


A responsible territory

The Monts du Genevois is the ultimate natural destination that strives to preserve the natural spaces that make this territory so special.

On a wider scale, everyone involved is doing their part to encourage initiatives that foster sustainable tourism and respect for the natural environment.

A responsible destination,

& an unspoilt natural environment

Salève, Voirons, Vuache

The 3 mountains

The Monts du Genevois is the ultimate natural destination just a few minutes from the centre of Geneva in Haute-Savoie, where you are guaranteed an unforgettable experience in the mountains!
You will be blown away by the three mountain ranges of Salève, Voirons and Vuache, each one with its own special characteristics.

The protected


The Monts du Genevois mountains are brimming with protected natural areas.
These areas are worthy of special care and attention. Various protective measures are in place to limit the impact on these places, such as a classified Natura 2000 zone and decrees for the protection of biotopes.

Management of

natural areas

The people in charge of protecting our mountains.

Salève Syndicat Mixte (joint association) and the planning association for Le Vuache & Annemasse urban community are in charge of protecting remarkable natural environments, organising events related to the environment and awareness campaigns.



Classified Natura 2000 zone and decrees for the protection of biotopes… The Monts du Genevois and the rest of Haute-Savoie boast countless sensitive natural areas.
Some of them are found along the coastline, in the mountains, in wetlands or elsewhere, and all these areas are open to hikers but are protected by regulatory measures.


  • Massif du Salève
  • Massif des Voirons
  • Massif du Vuache
  • Etournel et défilé de l’Écluse


  • Le Petit Salève
  • Massif des Voirons
  • Versant Ouest du massif du Vuache
  • Marais de Grange Vigny et à la dame
  • Crêt du Puit et Teppes de la Repentance
  • Vignes des Pères
  • Bois de Vernaz et les Îles d’Arve
  • Biolay
  • La Feuillée
  • Marais de l’Etournel
  • Marais de Blésy

Contact the town in question or the Haute-Savoie regional office if you require any further information.

Good behaviour to adopt

in a natural environment
Your carbon-free


Do you want to be a responsible traveller? We can recommend some experiences for you!

Les Monts du Genevois invites you to live a responsible travel experience, where the preservation of nature is at the heart of your adventure. Come and discover this beautiful corner of nature, where travel is combined with the preservation of the environment!



There are countless ways to get around the urban areas of the destination.
Soft mobility, active mobility, sustainable mobility, the destination has put in place various initiatives to demonstrate its commitment to the environment.

Visit Annemasse

by public transport

It’s possible to visit Annemasse by public transport!
Opt for simplicity and find all of Annemasse’s tourist attractions accessible by bus.

The accommodation here is surrounded by an unspoilt natural environment and is committed to responsible consumption, reduced water consumption (reduced shower pressure), sorting waste and promoting outdoor activities in the local area!

The restaurant bears the Ecotable label and is committed to reducing its impact on the environment.
La Cantine has chosen to pay close attention to the choice of products, short circuits, stop wasting, treat rubbish and maintain their premises with a sustainable approach.


in awareness campaigns

Informer, sensibiliser, préserver… Découvrez le calendrier des événements sur le thème de la nature et de l’environnement.