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Visiting Annemasse

by public transport

It’s possible to visit Annemasse by public transport!

Opt for simplicity and find all of Annemasse’s tourist attractions accessible by bus.

Opt for bus travel,

a responsible choice

Before setting off to discover Annemasse, don’t forget to buy your transport ticket!

It’s possible to buy a single ticket valid for 1 hour:

  • from the driver in cash
  • at ticket vending machines in the Agglomération in cash or by credit card

The ticket costs €1.60, except on the Tango line: it’s €2 if you buy it from the driver.

Tourist sites

accessible by bus

Join the Salève massif

Téléphérique du Salève

~ The must-see ~

From Annemasse station (Rotonde side), take line 4. Get off at the Veyrier Douane stop.
After crossing the road, you’ll quickly reach the bottom station of the Téléphérique and can embark on an exceptional ascent.
You’ll be able to observe a breathtaking view of the region, Lake Geneva, and the Jura mountains. The site has many other surprises in store for you, so don’t delay in discovering them!

Cultural sites

accessible by bus

From Annemasse station

Less than 15 minutes:

  • Château rouge ➔ line 8 – stop Château Bleu
  • Villa du Parc ➔ lines 3, 4, or 6 – stop Clos Fleury ; line 5 – Adrien Ligué stop
  • Studio 6 ➔ lines Tango, 5, 8 – Chablais Parc stop
  • Audioguided Urban Walk ➔ Departure at the Station

A little further on:

  • Moulin de Cara ➔ Tango line – stop Ville-la-Grand Eglise, then 10-minute walk
  • Archipel Butor ➔ Tango line stop Altéa P + R then TAD C (by reservation) to Lucinges Place


accessible by bus

From Annemasse station

Less than 15 minutes:

  • Château bleu ➔ line 8 – stop Château Bleu
  • Crazy School ➔ line 5 or 8 – stop Route des Tattes
  • Bowling de l’Aérodrome ➔ line Tango – stop Voirons then 6 min walk
  • CorteXscape ➔ line Tango – stop Voirons then 9 min walk

In less than 30 minutes:

  • Arkose Genevois ➔ line 5 – stop Chemin des Teppes then 7 min walk
  • L’île de Tortuga ➔ line 5 – stop Chemin des Teppes then 6 min walk
  • CortexVitrualline Tango – stop Voirons then 15 min walk
  • Grand Casino d’Annemasseline 4 stop Pont d’Etrembières, then 5-minute walk
  • AerodromeTango line stop Voirons, then 10-minute walk to route de Thonon

    A little further on:

    • Filenvol ➔ line H (Proximiti bus) – Mornex Place de la chapelle stop then 8 min walk

    Nature escapes

    accessible by bus

    From Annemasse station

    Peaceful walks:

    • The banks of the Arve ➔ Line 4 – Lycée Professionnel stop, then 10-minute walk to find the landscaped path
    • The banks of the Foron ➔ Tango line – Ville-la-Grand Eglise stop

    Parks and gardens:

    • Parc Montessuit ➔ Line 5, 8, or Tango – stop Adrien Ligué
    • Parc Mila Racine ➔ Line 5, 8, or Tango – stop Adrien Ligué then 7 min walk
    • Parc des Écureuils ➔ Line Tango – stop Ville-la-Grand Eglise


    by public transport

    Would you like to go shopping in the conurbation by public transport? Here’s a selection of places that are easily accessible with the TAC network!

    Shopping centers

    The Géant gallery ➔ From the Station I take line 5 on the side of the Novotel direction Bonne/Hôpital Findrol and I stop at the Jean Mermoz stop.

    Migros Étrembières ➔ From the Station I take line 4 towards Etrembières/Pas de l’Echelle and get off at the “Pont d’Etrembières “stop

    Cap Bernard ➔ From the Station I take the Tango line towards Altéa and get off at the ZI de Montréal stop.

    Zone Vétraz-Monthoux ➔ line 5 stop Chemin des Teppes

    The markets

    Marché d’Annemasse (Tuesday and Friday) ➔ lines 6, 3, 8 and Tango to place des Marchés stop
    Annemasse market (Wednesday) ➔ lines 7 and Tango to Verdun stop or line 3 to Perrier stop

    Vétraz-Monthoux market (Tuesday) ➔ line 8 to chef-lieu stop

    Ville-la-Grand (Sunday) ➔ line 6 and tango stop Allobroges Eglise

    Marché de Gaillard (Saturday) ➔ 3 and 17 stops La tour or Libération

    Marché d’Ambilly (Saturday) ➔ line 3 stop Martinière


    Carrefour Florissant ➔ line 5 to Romagny stop or 6 to Tournelles

    Carrefour Perrier ➔ Tango line to Verdun stop

    Carrefour ➔ route de Bonneville -> Line 8 to Drague stop

    Intermarché Gaillard ➔ Line 6 to Chatelaine stop

    Intermarché Vétraz-Monthoux ➔ Line 5 to Route des Tattes stop

    Géant Casino ➔ Line 6 to Résistance stop or line 5 to Sous-Cassan

    Migros ➔ Line 4 to Pont d’Etrembières stop

    Monoprix ➔ Tango line to Chablais Parc stop

    Action ➔ Line 6 to Lavalette stop