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Gathering walk with Alpnature

The countryside, which is so vast and bountiful in the Monts du Genevois, is full of surprises. The herbs, plants and flowers which we pass and see every day contain masses of flavour. Patrick Loste, a qualified mountain guide, will accompany you on a gathering walk. But where will he take you? Let’s head for the Voirons! These mountains overlook the Vallée Verte from their height of 1,480 m above sea level! And as every effort deserves a reward, after going gathering, Patrick will ask you to don an apron and enjoy a workshop where you will be introduced to cooking using flowers. Off to the kitchen, chefs!

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“Being a mountain guide means living in the present. I have to observe, analyse, anticipate, make decisions, perform, participate, cooperate, live with, adapt, support, comfort, give confidence and listen to others and myself.”

Patrick Loste, Alpnature mountain guide

Get far away from city life to where the countryside is waiting for you. Learn how to rediscover the flora of the Monts du Genevois during a walk which will awaken your senses! Are your shoes laced up and your walking poles ready? Let’s go!

#Les Voirons

These mountains have the Natura 2000 accreditation and are home to chamois, toads, foxes, deer and even lynx. Never seen them? Take a pair of binoculars and keep on the lookout!
With over 950 hectares of forest and mountains, the Voirons are a real sanctuary for the flora and fauna of the Savoie.
By the way, do you know where its name comes from? Quite simply, it’s because of the ‘full circle’ views it offers. There are stunningly beautiful 360° views of the Monts du Genevois and a magnificent panoramic vista of the Lake Geneva basin and the Jura mountains, with the added bonus of views across to Mont Blanc!
The mountain is famous for its forests, which are great for walking. Trails have already been marked out for lovers of nature walks. Numerous marked trails quietly await your arrival in the heart of this lush countryside.


Patrick Loste, a mountain guide and true enthusiast, is keen to help you explore his world and to pass on his knowledge about the flora of which he is so fond.
Walk with him on the hiking trails of the Col de Saxel for an afternoon. But don’t worry, you won’t need to be an expert in order to keep up!
Pay attention to what’s going on around you. There could be a surprise encounter around the corner – with a chamois, for example!
Throughout the walk, Patrick will tell you how to recognise edible plants using your senses, so expect them to be awakened! Observe the colours and shapes of the plants around you in detail. Run your hands along the stems or petals to identify the texture. Smell the delicate fragrance of each herb and remember their scent. Don’t forget to gather a few – you’ll need them later!


Is your herb bag full? Great – it’s nearly time to eat. It’s well known that walking makes you hungry.
However, once you’re back at La Marmotte, there’s time to go to the kitchen before you sit down to eat. Yes! You read that correctly. You were hoping to sit down and eat straight away, admit it! You have to put on your apron before you can do that.
Beginners and experts alike can head to the kitchen for an introduction to the preparation of herbs. Patrick will lead the cookery workshop and you’ll learn how to prepare the plants you’ve gathered to create a traditional dish. You’ll learn traditional, yet updated, Savoie techniques. Sound interesting?
And just as your mouth starts to water from all the cooking, it’s time for everyone to take off their aprons, get their feet under the table and enjoy a meal together prepared by you!

Explore the paths, learn how to get to know the world around you and discover all the tastes available in the Monts du Genevois in particular.




A half day

A weekend, an excursion

The experience is available on weekends by reservation.

Please note

The level of the walk is easy.
Please remember for your own comfort to bring a pair of warm, waterproof walking shoes, walking poles, wear clothes suitable for the season and weather conditions and a rucksack with a water bottle or thermos.

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