Au fil de l'art

Follow the art

Enjoy a gentle artistic, gourmet trip in the heart of our beautiful cross-border region between the Haute-Savoie and Switzerland!
Ready to go?

Hop on your bike on the forecourt of Annemasse station. With your helmet on your head and your hands gripping the handlebars, head off to Geneva city centre.
Once you’ve arrived at your destination, you can immerse yourself in the colourful world of street art.
Don’t be afraid to go off the beaten track. Meander through the streets of Geneva, from the Les Grottes district to La Jonction. Keep your eyes open! The city’s walls will reveal their secrets to you – from grand frescoes to more discreet works. Back in the centre of Annemasse, an international flavour awaits in the form of cocktails and tapas.

An unforgettable day in urban, vibrant and positive surroundings in the heart of the Monts du Genevois.

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“I went on an outing with my friends which I thought was ‘awesome’! To sum up: keep going, more please!”

Comment by Jean-Luc G in January 2021

Immerse yourself in the world of street art!
Enjoy this gentle artistic, gourmet trip in the heart of our beautiful cross-border region!

#By bike

Collect your bike at 10.00 am with Bruno from Geneva Cycling in Annemasse and gear up before heading off to Geneva.
Head for the Grand Genève greenway to reach the Plage des Eaux Vives. This is a route reserved for green modes of transport between Annemasse and Geneva.
You can travel at your own pace, be that in ‘chill’ mode or something more energetic. Don’t forget to look up from your handlebars. Not too far ahead, Le Salève rises up before you, with the Jura mountains in the distance.
Lake Geneva comes into view. It’s time to get out the picnic. Your stomach must be grumbling! Have you remembered to bring a blanket? You can settle down beside the lake or beside the park – the choice is yours.
Once the meal is over, you’ll even have time for a dip or a nap in the soft sunshine. Can you hear the gentle sound of the famous water jet in the distance?

#Street art

Having lazed about, it’s now time to get back in the saddle and reach the starting point of the walk. We have a little surprise waiting for you!
Did you know that street art is very much in evidence in Geneva?
Let’s explore paths, bridges and other hidden places in the city, from the alternative district of Les Grottes to the banks of the Rhône and Arve rivers.
Let’s go and see them together with ‘Genève par cher’. Find out about their history and try and decipher the meaning behind the graffiti and mural paintings decorating walls in the city. It’s really unexpected, isn’t it?
To continue the walk, now head for the terraces on the Le Seujet buildings. A superb panoramic view over the Rhône and the city roofs stretches out before you!
The day isn’t over, but it’s time to return to Annemasse. Return your bike, Bruno is waiting for you in the square. Are you ready for what’s next?


From the station square, walk along the voieVerte towards Ambilly to reach the Au petit Macchu Picchu restaurant. Here, a change of scenery is guaranteed. The owners will welcome you as if you were at home. Two true enthusiasts who will take you on a culinary journey to Peru.
As soon as you’ve settled in, with the menu already in your hands, it’s time to awaken your senses! Ceviche, empanadas, guacamole… Let the colourful dishes and spicy flavours transport your taste buds to South America!
Enjoy the must-try dishes, or opt for the lesser-known but just as tasty dishes from the Chef. Hm, a delight!
The day is coming to an end. It has been full of discovery on both sides of the border and you’ve experienced a colourful and flavourful world.

See you soon for your next trip!

* Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. Consume in moderation.




This price is for guidance only, it is the minimum price for enjoying all the activities mentioned in this experience.

All year round

The experience is by reservation only.

The experience is based on the rental of a standard bike for a day. Helmet, lock and vest available as an option.

Please bring a picnic lunch.

The walk lasts 2 hrs 30 mins and is led by ‘Genève pas cher’. The starting point is La Place de Montbrillant, in front of the La Petite Reine café. New optional offer: walks in the company of graffiti artist, Jazi.

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