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Camino de Santiago

Let’s walk along the Way of St. James!

Pilgrims and hikers alike can tread the Via Podensis (Camino de Santiago – GR65 hiking route), the Le Puy road. This road, 1600 km in length, is the route of a Christian pilgrimage that began in the 10th Century.

©GR65|OT Monts du Genevois

An astonishing path through the Geneva region

56 km in Haute-Savoie

From Switzerland, follow the via Gebennensis, on the route to Santiago de Compostela, running from Geneva through Savoie and Dauphiné before reaching Le Puy.

Pilgrims setting off from Geneva will walk for 13.5 kilometres towards Beaumont in France. The crossing of the River Arve on the way to the French-Swiss border follows the Rhône valley from a long way off.

Then comes the second stage, from Beaumont to Chaumont – 24 kilometres dotted with stunning panoramic views over Lake Geneva, Geneva itself and the Jura mountains.

Finally, a third stage of 18.5 km between Chaumont and Seyssel marks the end of the adventure in the Haute-Savoie department.

Sights to see on the way


Carouge, the Bohemian district of Geneva

The village of Neydens and its Roman military outpost on the road from Annecy to Geneva,
The Carthusian monastery in Pomier: founded in 1170 by the Counts of Geneva and Vaud. For 600 years, the Carthusian monastery in Pomier was a place of prayer and meditation.
It has now become a reception venue.

The Charly Chapel or St. Jacques Chapel dates from the 15th Century. Its onion dome is listed as a Historic Monument.


Book your accommodation ahead of time. Try our stopover lodges La Colombièreand La Chenaz.

Ask for your Credencial to make sure you are awarded your Compostela at the end of your journey.
Contact your local Association of Friends of the Way of St. James.

The equipment you bring is crucial: hiking clothes, suitable walking shoes, backpack, sleeping bag and blanket, not to mention the essential accessories: water bottle, compass, torch, sunglasses and toilet paper.