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©10/07/2022 - Tour de France 2022 - Stage 9 - Aigle / Chatel Les Portes du Soleil (192,9km) -|A.S.O./Charly Lopez
The spotsto watch the Tour go by

The spots to watch the Tour go by

Whether you’re a fan of cycling or a lover of beautiful landscapes, take advantage of the Tour de France‘s passage through Haute-Savoie to watch the Grande Boucle in the heart of the race!

Turn off the TV, choose your spot before you hit the road!


your spot to watch the Tour



Are you going to watch the riders of the Tour de France? Here are some tips and rules to apply for your safety and that of the cyclists!

On the side of the road, I do not cross the road without checking for incoming vehicles.
If there are safety barriers, I don't cross them.
I will not cross the road when vehicles announce the arrival of the advertising trailer or the race.
I do not run beside, in front of or behind runners at the risk of getting in their way or making them fall.
When the runners pass, I move away from the road as much as possible, some of them can pass very close.
I do not encroach on the roadway to take photos, videos or selfies.
Children should be supervised and younger children held by the hand.
Pets are kept on a leash.
I respect the eco-responsible dimension of the Tour, by not throwing my waste on the roadside.

The 14th stage of the Tour de France:


This summer, the Tour de France will stop in Haute-Savoie.
19 years after its last passage, the professional cyclists will once again set off from Annemasse to Morzine on the 14th stage. A stage that promises to be exciting!