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Walk in the trees at Filenvol

A unique place in the Haute-Savoie! Stroll 15 metres up between the trees in complete safety in the Filenvol parcabout. What in fact is a parcabout?
There are only 51 in the whole world! It involves 1,800 m² of catamaran nets and marine ropes stretched between the trees and fully secured.
You’ll not be able to slip through the nets at Filenvol!

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“Our superheroes are the trees and our passion is to let you enjoy them!”

Damien Goldschmid, the founder of Filenvol

You’ll certainly have already walked through a forest during a hike, but have you ever walked through a forest suspended in the air? This is not a tree adventure course. Here, you can explore this tree-filled world independently and at your own pace!
Whether you’re looking for fun, a physical challenge or the chance to contemplate, all you have to do is choose your adventure!


As soon as you get into the nets, you’re already under the thick foliage of the trees, the shadows are dancing and a gentle breeze accompanies you as you explore the park.
Stop and lie down for a moment. Listen to the sound of the wind in the leaves, the gentle creaking of branches and birds singing. Forget about your sense of direction, it will be of no use to you here… just let yourself be drawn into the heart of this ancient forest.
Once you’re at the centre, lose any sense of time and enjoy this moment of relaxation to the full.


Enjoying a physical activity 15 metres up is quite a surprising idea!
Be ready to put your skills to the test and challenge your friends or family to a variety of sports activities. A race, a football match high up or an endurance jumping contest… are you up for the challenge?
Enjoy unique experiences suitable for anyone who loves a challenge and expend energy during different activities while suspended in the air!


Is it time to get your feet back onto solid ground? Enjoy a break at the Filenbar!
We know you are keen foodies, so crêpes or sweets are available as a sweet treat, and hot dogs, pizza or home-made soup for lovers of more savoury snacks. 90% of the ingredients come from local producers.
The watchword here, just like in the rest of the park, is relaxation. Shaded tables under stretched tarpaulins, bean bags and hammocks are at your disposal.
There’s a warm, family-friendly space where you can relax while waiting for your children or friends who are still roaming around the parcabout.

It’s up to you. You can spend your time dreaming, relaxing or enjoying some adventure.
One thing is certain – Filenvol will have you caught in its web of possibilities!

There is a little added extra to finish off with.

Get ready for a total change of scenery! In the middle of all this nature, technology is showing its face… or rather the tip of its propellers!
Because yes – here at Filenvol you can also learn how to fly a drone.
Take the controls as pilot – the parcadrone is waiting for you!





Free for children under 5, €16 for over-65s.

The park is always accessible

Filenvol is open every day, all year round!

1 April to 31 October

9.00 am to 6.00 pm

1 November to 31 March

10.00 am to 5.00 pm

Please note

The park is made up of ropes, so trousers, long sleeves and smooth-soled shoes are recommended.
The park has sheltered areas if it rains.
Alcohol is not allowed across the whole site.