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A Sunday between city and mountains

Sundays are sacred. No never-ending to-do list, just a single objective: to enjoy a pleasant day recharging your batteries before you tackle the week ahead.


“A fabulous experience. This restaurant is at a great location at the top of Mont Salève. If you walk towards the cliff edge you’ll have a view of Geneva that takes your breath away. On a clear day you can also see Mont Blanc and the entire Lake Geneva basin from here. The food is very good, beautifully prepared and the service is excellent. In short, we can only recommend it. The prices are reasonable too. Enjoy your meal, a whole adventure!”

Minettes123, 4 August 2022

This morning, no ear-splitting wake-up alarm. No need to jump out of bed in a hurry or rush your breakfast. Today is Sunday, so take your time.
Allow your body to wake up gently… But not too gently! Lazing around all day is not an option. There’s far too much to do out there. So many options!


You’ve had breakfast, dressed up warm, and it’s just as well!
To kick off the day, head for the Voirons mountains! Sledging and snowmen are on the programme today.
It’s your call! Alone or in pairs, hurtle down the slope amid the superb scenery unfurling before your eyes. The presence of snow means even the tiniest hill offers opportunities for some crazy descents.
Need to take a break after all that effort? Of course you do. Take this chance to share your artistic talent with us. Which of you will make the best snowman?
Silence reigns, you can hear only the sounds of nature around you. Everyone is concentrating on the task at hand. When suddenly, a first snowball is coming straight at you. Faced with this all-out attack, you’re going to have to retaliate. You barely have time to make your first snowball when a second one hits your arm. The opposition is fierce! You don’t take long to surrender.


This afternoon, it’s off to the Pathé Archamps cinema! Located between Annemasse and Saint-Julien, it’s open 365 days a year, and you can even take advantage of the opportunity to discover the IMAX Laser experience! Head over to the cinema, as the show is about to start. Time for a little entertainment, in the warm.
Comedy, drama, action movie, animated film… You’re spoilt for choice, what do you fancy? It’s time to go inside. Armed with popcorn, make yourself comfortable in front of the silver screen. The trailers are over, you can now enjoy your film. Completely captivated by the scenario, laughter turns to tears as the events unfold. Excellent choice! A wonderful moment to help you unwind.


The sun is setting over the Monts du Genevois. But the day isn’t over yet. We have a better suggestion, to round off your Sunday in style. So head for the Salève! This evening at the Observatoire restaurant, it’s potato fritters, or “beignets d’patates” as they call them here.
These delicious golden fritters are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. All served with salad and a charcuterie platter. But that’s not all. Here, you can also try a typical Savoie dish that’s not very well-known: white tomme. This cheese is eaten cold, lightly seasoned with salt & pepper. Is your mouth watering? Same here!
So hurry, go and enjoy the warmth and comfort of this restaurant with cosy sofas.

A gentle way to end the week…


41,90 €


Every Sunday from December to March.

Potato fritters served on Sunday evenings with salad, white tomme cheese and charcuterie: €25 per person.
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