Le Salève hors des sentiers battus

Set off on an adventure in the Salève

With the family
Off the beaten track in the Salève mountain

Step back and contemplate this majestic land. The city rubs shoulders with the peaks where nature reconnects with the essential.


“Many thanks to Jean-Charles who is naturally sweet and kind. He’s always ready to lend a helping hand. Not to mention Quovadis, the fearless donkey who carried all our belongings! “

Review by Françoise L. - January 2022

Try an exceptional experience off the beaten track! The adventure begins in Beaumont, in the Salève range between the lake and the mountains.


The church bells ring three times. At the strike of three, Jean-Charles is ready and waiting for you near the Beaumont church. He will be your guide for this adventure in the great outdoors. With his four-legged companion, Quovadis. It’s time to take care of him and prepare him for the ride. Jean-Charles guides you through each step of the preparations. Quovadis needs to be gently brushed before loading your belongings onto his back. And don’t forget his necessary dose of hugs before you start out.
Is he ready? Let’s go! It’s time to head to your camp for the night. Quovadis walks beside you.


The path leads you quickly into the woods. Your camp site is located at the foot of the cliff, but you still have some distance to cover. Enjoy the walk listening to Jean-Charles’s explanations about local flora and fauna. But first, take time to absorb your environment.
Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Listen to the gentle birdsong. The sounds of nature have incredible power. They improve morale and reduce stress. Get your fill! Now let the sunlight filter through your eyelashes as it filters through the foliage. Then, open your eyes to watch the wind playing in the branches.
Absorbed by the surrounding nature, you have advanced without noticing. Quovadis brings you back to reality. He pulls on clumps of grass along the way. Finally, he stops at the edge of a clearing. He knows this is where you’re going to camp.


As the afternoon draws to a close, you reach your camp site for the night. It’s not far from a clearing where you might see cows grazing. It’s a charming site.
Several tents have been spread around the camp site so that each family has its own space. The tents are spacious with all the necessary comforts. You are sure to enjoy your night here. But first, it’s time to enjoy a good meal. Enjoy the meal prepared by our chef by the light of storm lamps and contemplate the rays of the setting sun. It’s a heart-warming sight.
Excited by their adventure, your kids are unlikely to be ready to sleep. No problem! It’s time to get out the giant mikado. With a headlamp or by the glowing fire, the camp will soon ring with laughter.
Hoo hoo! That’s the owl’s cry. That means it’s time to climb into your warm tent for a quiet night’s sleep.


The first morning light glimmers as you open your eyes. The camp site is still quiet. It’s time to have a stretch and head out to start another great day. Poke your head out of your tent to discover the calm morning atmosphere. If you’re lucky, you might even see a deer walking by. The surrounding nature is serene.
After breakfast, it’s time to tidy up and prepare Quovadis for the return journey to Beaumont. But don’t worry! Your adventure isn’t over yet. Just like you, we don’t want this peaceful experience to end. How about a walk along the Salève ridges?
Head to the Tour des Pitons car park by car. Don’t forget to close the gate when you enter the fenced area. This is where the mountain cows live. You might meet some of them as you walk to the top. They are rather shy, so feel free to observe them, but don’t try to approach them.
The only way to reach the highest point of the Salève mountain is on foot. It’s a steep climb, but don’t worry, it’s not far. After about 10 minutes, you can see the Bastian tower, also known as the Pitons tower. From here, the view over Geneva, Lake Geneva and the Jura mountain range is incredible. Plant your feet firmly on the ground and open your eyes to enjoy the view!

It’s the ideal way to wind up this experience jam-packed with discoveries.
Such an amazing setting inspires a wide panel of emotions!




Price does not include dinner which is on request when booking.

From May to September – bookings required.

To Know

Please note
Supervised by a mountain guide.
Your pet: One donkey for 4 people.
Physical level: 1h30 to 2h30 walking per day, adaptable to needs, no particular difficulties.
Technical level: easy hiking trails and forest roads.
Meals: not included. On request.
Equipment: comfortable tent for 4 or 5 people from the same family. One mattress per person included. One LED lamp per tent included.