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Sunsets & unique nights

in the Monts du Genevois

The afternoon is drawing to a close, you’ve finished your activities and haven’t yet worked out what to do in the evening.
It’s not easy to decide when there are so many options!
Here’s a little suggestion – a lovely meal, some unusual accommodation and a delightful sunset. Like this idea?
We’ve prepared a selection of extraordinary places just for you. All you have to do is watch the sky flood with colour and night fall over the Monts du Genevois.

Ready to be amazed?


“The Monts du Genevois offer a multitude of different views over Lake Geneva and the surrounding mountains. These unique places will charm you!”

The team at the Tourist Office


& a 360° sunset

As evening falls, enjoy a sunset which will gladden your heart from the summit of Le Salève. The sun slowly goes down and the Alps take on a pinkish hue. The thrill of this incredible setting is not to be missed!

As night falls, return to your camp site and enjoy for one night the ‘eco charm’ of camping under canvas in Le Salève. A marriage proposal? A birthday? A special date to celebrate? Or just simply a unique experience to enjoy as a couple.

This outing will be the perfect setting for creating those special memories! Experience a magical, romantic moment in the heart of a forest of hundred-year-old spruce trees.



& a sunset over the Geneva countryside

Beef lovers – the Beef & Cow restaurant is the place for you! Sit yourself down and savour the matured meat, which is a local speciality.
The meat is carefully matured in the restaurant’s cellar. All you have to do is choose the piece you would like and the chef will prepare it in front of you.

Once the meal is finished, head off to the ‘Gîte du Vallon’. The old stone walls of this restored former farm will delight you.

Enjoy the Geneva countryside and the view over the valley, which takes on a pinkish hue just before the sun disappears behind the Jura mountains.



& a sunset at the Tour des Pitons

Out in the great outdoors with only the sound of birds singing in the background.
Welcome to the ‘Les Cabanes du Salève’. Take full advantage of this location on the edge of the forest at the foot of the mountain.

After a short drive, walk to the Tour des Pitons. You are in the right place! It stands proudly atop the summit of Le Salève. Sit down on the rocks and soak in the beauty of the setting sun. Watch it slowly go down behind the mountains.

Seated back on your cabin’s terrace, your meal has just arrived. Savour the Savoie-style fondue which has been delivered straight to your cabin. Delicious!



& a sunset over the Vuache

Why not spend the night at a former cheese dairy? This old building in Vers has been converted into a guesthouse and you’ll find the natural, relaxing surroundings delightful. All you have to do is choose from one of the 4 differently styled bedrooms in the house.

The time to eat has arrived. Simplicity and generosity are the key words here. The chef at the guesthouse will delight your taste buds with dishes showcasing local ingredients.

1 km away on the hillsides above, the ‘Notre-Dame des Voyageurs’ chapel awaits you. The sun sets over the Monts du Genevois. Before you, the Geneva basin is bathed in its most beautiful colours. Nature provides you with its most stunning show.



& a sunset over the Alps

Dreamt of sleeping suspended in the air in the midst of trees? It can happen! All you need for a magical night at Filenvol is a sleeping bag and a blanket to keep yourself warm in the nets.

You just have to listen to the surrounding forest to hear it whispering sweet nothings in your ears. The wind in the trees and small animals in the forest…you couldn’t be more at one with nature.

It’s time to eat, so head to the restaurant at the Golf Club d’Esery. Take a seat in front of the magnificent views over the course and the Alps. Watch the mountains slowly become tinged with pink. This is a sign that the sun has set and it’s time for you to go to the land of dreams.