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Chill out, cocktails & music

Not everyone is lucky enough to be on holiday so we’ve also thought of those who would like a break after work. This summer, forget the routine! With work colleagues or friends, come and check out two great places to go after work in Annemasse.


“Great bar. We were staying at the hotel and went up to the 8th floor for a drink. Nice musical atmosphere, just the right balance. The waitress was very friendly and there’s enough choice on the menu to find something you’d like. A great experience. ”

Ppeyrard, 22 January 2023

Another working week has come to a close. To celebrate the start of the weekend and the end of the day, what could be better than a night out with work colleagues or friends. We’ve concocted a summer programme to make you feel like you’re on holiday even though you’re working. Let’s go?

#Head in the clouds

Facing Annemasse train station, look up towards the Novotel Annemasse Centre – Porte de Genève! On the 8th floor, you’ll see the Rooftop 46. Don’t waste any time, go and discover this place that might just become your favourite place for summer evenings. Once you get to the top, just take in the atmosphere of this inviting place and cosy interior. Walk through the bar and out onto the terrace to admire the panoramic view before you. Voirons, Salève and even Mont-Blanc stand before you for a superb 360° view. But this lounge bar is not just about the panoramic view. Choose one of the delicious cocktails from the menu, accompanied by a sharing platter. Would you go for an Espresso Martini or French-style Spritz? You can expect an enjoyable experience here, and some great laughs. The sun will slowly start setting to the west. Here, this is the only indication of time because you’ll feel as if time has stood still.

#Time for some music

At 7 pm, it’s time to get down from your cloud. That’s because it’s time for the second part of your evening: the Musical’été festival! On Friday evenings, there’s world music at the Parc la Fantasia in Annemasse.
This pretty park is full of greenery and is a peaceful place. Not this evening though because the air will be filled with music: world, afrobeat, blues, etc. This evening, it doesn’t matter that you haven’t travelled to the other side of the world. Just lie back and you’ll instantly feel like you’re somewhere else.
While you’re waiting for 9 pm when the concert begins, make yourself comfortable under the cedar trees. The whole area is decorated with palette garden furniture and colourful bunting. This evening you’ll be enjoying a traditional ‘guinguette’ atmosphere. The town council of Annemasse has thought of everything, there’s even a band here to kick off the start of the evening. The perfect way to ease into the festive atmosphere.

#A taste of far-off lands

Are you starting to feel a bit peckish? That’s understandable with all the tempting smells wafting through the park. Follow the scent and head to the various stands. Culinary specialities from all over the world, information stands, the associations have thought of it all. Get yourself a festival eco-cup to limit waste and wander around the stands before making your choice. Every region of the world has its own specialities, you’ll need a lifetime to taste them all. This evening is your opportunity to begin. Fill your plate with atypical tastes and then go and sit comfortably to enjoy your meal. Full of flavour, exotic, but above-all colourful and tasty… Take the time to savour each mouthful.

And now it’s time for the music!

* Alcohol can damage your health. Please drink responsibly.


23 €


Based on 2 people. Price includes food and drink, the festival is free-of-charge.

In July and August

Musical’été Festival
From 5 July to 24 August 2024, Fridays from 7 pm.

From Tuesday to Saturday, 5 pm to midnight.

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