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YvoireOne of the most beautiful villages in France


Crowned the most beautiful village in France, Yvoire is a mediaeval village on the banks of Lake Geneva that is absolutely worth a visit during your holiday in Monts du Genevois.

Spend a timeless day only 35 minutes from Annemasse. Stroll through the streets and admire the numerous houses in the village that are covered with flowers. Yvoire has won a series of prizes for its floral art. Taking a stroll with your family in Yvoire is very pleasant. The numerous traditional boutiques lend the old village a romantic, traditional feel. Painters and sculptors ply their trade in the village streets.

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Head off on a cruise on Lake Geneva

The busy port of Yvoire is a popular starting-point for boat trips.

Geneva, Nyon, Lausanne and Evian-les-Bains are all destinations you can visit on board the vessels of the Compagnie Générale de Navigation (CGN). Whether for an hour or for a whole day, you can cruise through the finest landscapes Geneva has to offer.

The Le Foué solar-powered boat offers 1-hour commented cruises and gives you an unbeatable view over the Geneva peninsula. Just down the road from Yvoire is the only sandy beach on Lake Geneva, at Excenevex. It is the perfect location for enjoying the lake and the beach.

The village is also appreciated for the listed estate of Rovorée-La Châtaignière. This estate is home to a variety of wildlife and the park is perfect for relaxing and enjoying the magnificent scenery of Lake Geneva.

The Garden of Five Senses, another jewel of the destination, will really awaken every facet of your perception. This botanical garden draws its inspiration from the poetic ambiance of the mazes of the Middle Ages. Different species define different areas and make for a unique experience!

Don’t leave Yvoire without trying the famous perch fillets. Restaurants offer speciality perch dishes and also serve up other fish from the Lake, such as the vendace. Delicious!