L'aiguille du Midi-ChamonixL'aiguille du Midi-Chamonix
©L'aiguille du Midi-Chamonix|Savoiemontblanc-Ramus
ChamonixA high mountain town


At the foot of the highest summit in Europe

This famous destination, 1 hour’s drive away, is perfect for sitting outside a café in the town centre or on top of the Aiguille du Midi and admire the legendary Mont Blanc (4,809 m)!
Between Switzerland and Italy, the glacier and its mountain range draw in visitors from all over the world, whether for tourism, mountain-climbing or mountain sports.

Centre ville de ChamonixCentre ville de Chamonix
©Centre ville de Chamonix|SavoieMontBlanc-BIJASSON


Aiguille du Midi, Les Drus, Aiguille Verte… Climbers can whip out their binoculars and admire these famous mountains from the comfort of their seat at a table outside a café in the town centre.

But this fabulous mountain is also easy to get to: in 20 minutes, the Aiguille du Midi cable car will take you to an altitude of almost 3,842 metres. This unmissable location has a panoramic terrace and its now-famous “Pas dans le vide” transparent balcony.  Adrenaline rush guaranteed!

Chamonix also has the Mont Blanc tram, the oldest and highest mountain rack-railway train in France, and the Montenvers rail line to the famous Mer de Glace.
There are so many tourist sites to discover on a day-trip during your stay in Monts du Genevois.