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Why organize a seminar

with specific objectives?

Involve your employees in the life of your company!


its teams

A company seminar or convention has multiple objectives: to bring together all employees in an original working environment, to reinforce the company culture and to facilitate communication between employees.

Activities and animations will be proposed in order to federate the teams. The corporate seminar also allows you to present your global strategy and to reaffirm the values of the company with all your employees.

A seminar is organized for various reasons:

  • Motivate the teams.
  • Integrate a new work organization.
  • Compensate your employees.
  • Communicate on the company’s issues.

So many objectives that allow you to involve your employees in the life of your company. These friendly and unifying meetings then benefit both teams and leaders.


its teams

Entertaining, creative and unifying, a seminar is an opportunity to forget the daily work, to enjoy a moment of relaxation. Thus, employees are often more productive and mobilized when they return to the office.


its needs

Before taking any action to find a venue for your seminar, you should define your needs. This seems logical, but it is common for seminar organizers to contact service providers without giving the essential content of the event to be organized. It is essential to target your requirements in order to limit mistakes, save time and simplify the work of all the participants.

Prepare your seminar:

  • What is the primary objective of the event?
  • Who are the people involved in the event?
  • What is the budget allocated?
#Imagine and make your project a reality:

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You want to get together, unite your teams, let go or be surprised?
Seminars, congresses, conventions, incentives, team building… There is no lack of events!

Once you have determined the objectives of your company seminar, let us know what you would like to do and we will do everything we can to make it a reality.
The Monts du Genevois sales department is the privileged partner of the success of your project to fulfill all your expectations and make your event an exceptional moment!

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