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How to organize a seminar

for a guaranteed success?

Here are some good tips… Organize a memorable event in a unique setting!

#Place for


The organization of a corporate seminar cannot be improvised. It must meet specific expectations, objectives and budget, to be defined before choosing a destination.

Do not hesitate to leave the usual framework of the company: the change of scenery makes it possible to weave links between collaborators. It is important to combine work and relaxation.
Alternate fun activities and work sessions, while leaving some time for the participants to relax.

#Keys of the


Once these fundamentals are defined, it is necessary to move as quickly as possible to the operational part. When planning your seminar, you need to keep in mind some keys to success that can be summarized in 8 essential steps.

The essential


  • Determine your budget.
  • Fix the date and duration of the event.
  • State on the number of participants.
  • Determine the location.
  • Define the theme and universe of the event.
  • Define the activities and entertainment.
  • Establish the schedule of the days.
  • Propose the appropriate catering.


This definition of your needs, often expressed in terms of the type of seminar to be organized, will be a prerequisite to the search for a venue. If it is relatively easy to define this content, the search for the perfect place or the ideal destination is more delicate especially if you have to find a place of seminars in a region or an unknown place.

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Bringing in a dedicated service can prove to be a great help.
The Monts du Genevois sales department in support of your specifications will design the seminar you have always dreamed of for your teams at your side.

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