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Circuit découverte : Le pays du Mont-Blanc

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183.8 km
  • Route durch das Gletschertal der Arve, einem Fluss, der im Mont-Blanc-Massiv entspringt und in Genf in die Rhône mündet. Entdeckung eines grandiosen Panoramas, das sich ständig erneuert.
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    2938 m
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    Überprüfen Sie die Bedingungen für den Zugang zu den Bergen im Winter (Schnee).
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Orte von Interesse
1 Cluses Tourist Office
The Tourist Office of Cluses is the ideal place of information for the tourists and the premises.<br/>The tourist office welcomes you to offer you its many services!
- In spring, summer and autumn, many adventure game kits developed by our team are available for sale. Do not hesitate to ask to ask us!
- Sale of guidebooks for summer walks and hikes
- Sale of vignettes for the Swiss motorway
- Sale of fishing licenses
- In winter, sale of ski passes for nearby resorts, Reposoir and Romme. You will also find snowshoe routes.
- Provision of numerous free documentation from Geneva via Annecy and Chamonix
- Detailed hiking maps are available for sale
- Cycling information
- Rental of electric and classic bikes for 1 or 3 months
- Ticketing concerts, shows and festivals
- Sale of urban and school transport tickets (subscription, single ticket...) as well as for the Les Carroz > Flaine route
- Daily weather info
- Free and unlimited wifi access
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2 Clockmaking and Screwmachining Museum
Discover the Museum, a real timepiece of the industrial and social history of the Arve's valley. Follow the evolution of the farmer-watchmakers' skills from the XVIIIth century until the advent of the screwcutting technology during the industrial revolution.<br/>Original by its history and its collections, the museum is worth the trip. Instituted at the early XXth century by the National School of Clockmaking of Cluses, the museum used to have 2 vocations : to collect ancient time measure instruments (oldest piece is from 16e century) and to save the local industrial memories.

Located into the Espace Carpano & Pons, an old factory, the museum presents also the story of the National School of Clockmaking by presenting unique pieces of clockmaking made by the pupils in Cluses.

Theme guided tours, theatric visits, workshops, temporary exhibitions are organized all the year round and will make you discover the treasures of the museum.
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3 Sallanches market
The valley's largest and most popular market. Numerous stands selling food, gardening equipment or plants and fashion items.
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4 Sallanches Tourist Office
Welcome to Sallanches Tourism.
The whole team is happy to welcome you to its premises, by phone, email or on its social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin.<br/>The tourist office offers many services:
- shop sale: souvenirs (magnets, postcards, posters, backpacks, caps, tote bags...), books, maps and hiking topos, local products (jams, chocolates, cookies)
- ticket offices for the Culturral and Petits Asticots (Mont-Blanc region) shows, one-off events and various excursions
- sale of fishing licenses
- sale of services for the Office of Guides and Accompanying Sallanches
- sale of guided heritage tours

The tourist office has been awarded the Marque Qualité Tourisme label since 2016.
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5 Combloux Tourist Office
The tourist office provides varied touristic information about Combloux and the surrounding areas.
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6 Museum of Megève
Located right in the heart of the historic center, the Museum of Megève is in the authentic frame of the former House of Charity, building of the XVIIth century endowed with a baroque chapel.<br/>Bought to a farmer by reverend Blaise Gaspard Orsy, this building, fitted out by two mègevans carpenters, had opened its doors in 1707. It was managed by the Compagnie des Dames de la Charité, established in 1696 by the same priest, with for mission " to serve the sick, visit and help the poor people, protect the orphans and people who were unable to either work or beg ".

After the Revolution, in 1795, the House of Charity becomes a Home which can accommodate 20 poor people, men and women. In 1862, the priest Ambroise Martin gave the management to the Saint-Joseph Sisters.

From 1982, a few years after the opening of the new retirement home, this building had thematic exhibitions, and became officially the Museum of Megève in 1988 till September 2016.

Chapel visit and permanent exhibition “3 centuries of solidarity in Megève”, which unveils the unique story of the Alms House that became a hospice in 1793, by means of a film, archives and photographs.
Upon request, throughout the year. Admission free.
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7 Eglise de Saint-Gervais
Eglise de Saint-Gervais
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8 2KM3 Saint-Gervais contemporary art platform
2KM3 Saint-Gervais contemporary art platform
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9 Office de Tourisme de Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc
Office de Tourisme de Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc
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10 Tramway du Mont-Blanc
Eline Fahrt mit der "Tramway du Mont-Blanc" ist DAS Argument für zahlreiche Ausflüge...Die TMB, wie sie hier genannt wird, führt Sie hinauf zu einer gewaltigen Aussichtsplattform. Viel mehr als blo ein Ausflug, eine wahrhaftige Entdeckungsreise !<br/>Im Winter führt er Fußgänger und Skifahrer bis zum Plateau de Bellevue (1800 m) und zum Skigebiet Les Houches, wo sie einen malerischen Spaziergang und ein außergewöhnliches Panorama genießen können.

Im Sommer führt er Sie bis zum Nid d'Aigle (Adlernest). Achtung: Aufgrund von Bauarbeiten in diesem Sommer 2024 fährt der Zug nur noch bis zum Mont Lachat hinauf. Nehmen Sie die Zahnradbahn und erobern Sie mühelos die Gipfel. Jeanne, Marie oder Anne befördern Sie an die Tore des Hochgebirges, um Ihre Augen... und Ihre Beine zu erfreuen!
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11 Domaine skiable Evasion Mont-Blanc
Domaine skiable Evasion Mont-Blanc
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12 Tourist Office
Tourist Office
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13 Nature Reserve
The Nature Reserve of Les Contamines-Montjoie covers the left side of the valley when you enter the village. Forests, pastures, torrents, rocks, snow and glaciers offer a fragile but wonderful alpine environment.<br/>This protected area of 5,500 ha, located within the commune of Les Contamines-Montjoie is a haven of calm and tranquillity. It is classed as a “Nature Reserve” to protect it from development, which all too often ravages the countryside and natural environment. Here you can admire nature in its unspoiled state.
Take time to enjoy and savour its many different facets (lakes, mountain pastures, cliffs, glaciers). Appreciate its varied fauna and flora: chamois, ibexes and black grouse live among the gentians and rhododendrons.
The natural environment is fragile and animal life is easily disturbed, so please help us by being very careful not to interfere with the natural equilibrium.
Help preserve nature for our own and future generations.
Nature Reserves are part of the very rare areas of Haute-Savoie where nature has remained “unspoiled” by human contact. So enjoy them! Savour the silence and don’t forget that the rules exist to remind us that nature must be respected!
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14 Plateau d'Assy
Plateau d'Assy
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15 Lac Vert
In einem forstwirtschaftlichen écrin, in der Nähe der Website(Gegend) von Passy Plaine-Joux, mit den Fichten gesäumtem See, wo sich Montblanc spiegelt.
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