At the Chefs' TableRevealing flavors

At the Chefs’ Table

Revealing flavors

Stories and legends, emblematic places and activities to practice are an integral part of the identity of a territory. But that’s not all! With “À la table des Chefs”, the Monts du Genevois can be discovered with your taste buds and your eyes alongside local chefs, craftsmen and producers. Are you ready to go?

At the Chefs' Table

The concept

In the mountains and valleys of the Genevois, many craftsmen, producers and gastronomic chefs exist and keep the local know-how alive. True enthusiasts, they are eager to help you discover their gourmet and flavorful universe.

Sit down at the Chefs’ table and explore these generous dishes!

Enter in

The universe


The “À la table des Chefs” adventure began in 2012. That year, 16 chefs embarked on this culinary epic!
As with any adventure you have to equip yourself before leaving! No worries, we have prepared a guide that lists all the chefs and their establishments.
Address, universe, specialities… Everything you need to make your mouth water while discovering each of them!
La table des Chefs is a success and more and more people are being added. It now includes local artisans and producers.

And as the table grows, so does the guide! It is besides in 2021, that the 5th edition of the guide will see the day

Are you gourmands enough to navigate between modernity and tradition in search of the flavors of the Monts du Genevois?


A guide is practical, but let’s not see here only its practical side. As specialists and fine foodies that you are, this guide was specially designed for you! We know, you’re bubbling with the desire to meet the chefs.

That’s why every year we organize the “À la table des Chefs” event. What’s on the agenda? The discovery of an atypical place in the Monts du Genevois, a meal prepared by the chefs and a concert. Conviviality and greed, what more could you want?

Make yourself at home, help yourself and sit wherever you want, there is no lack of space
You wouldn’t want to miss for anything in the world the opportunity to taste in one place the cuisine of the best chefs of the Monts du Genevois!


Quality products from a unique and local know-how. That’s the secret of the chefs!
It is thanks to the producers and craftsmen, the very essence of the territory, that they can elaborate their menus and offer you their menus.

The Genevois region, with its diversity of products, will surprise your palate.
Strawberries to celebrate spring, tomatoes and salads for summer, pears and apples in autumn and what could be more comforting than a piece of cheese accompanied by a good wine for winter? In all seasons, the Monts du Genevois offer exceptional products. Let yourself be tempted by the gourmet experience!

Quality, proximity and conviviality are the key words of our craftsmen and producers!


Always in the theme of adventure, the chefs of the Monts du Genevois will make your taste buds travel. Their tasty culinary worlds blend know-how, audacity and pleasure to give birth to unique and amazing dishes.

True alchemists of the kitchen, each chef has a different universe.

Some of them master the staging, like photographers. You will see the culinary world with the framing they have chosen for you, while others will take you through the ages with ancient recipes executed with modern techniques.

With your feet under the table, follow the path they trace for you with these flavors and soak up the gourmet stories they pass on to you.
There is no doubt that they will charm your stomachs!

At the Chefs' Table

The Guide


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